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16 September 2012 @ 03:46 am
Just so anyone who comes across this community knows, all the past posts here have either been locked or deleted because after moving the community over to Dreamwidth back in December of 2011 I have not updated this community nor do I plan to in the future.

There is also the simple fact that all the graphics here were saved in JPG format and the quality in those has deteriorated vastly in quality compared to the icons I have been posting over on DW under the PNG format. I feel that if anyone wants to look at or use my icons, they deserve the best I can give/make and those are my best.

So, please, check out the community over there. No one needs a DW to look at the entries (I won't be locking them) and you can even comment with an open ID if you don't want to get an account.

I cannot stress enough that I have many more icons over on DW that can be used over here if you prefer to use them on LJ and they are of much better quality than what was over here.

[community profile] merriestchase
[community profile] merriestchase
[community profile] merriestchase